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Coffee Hive Holdings is the holding company for Coffee Hive, Coffee Bee and Wok Master. From our humble beginnings of a local coffee and toast cafe, we have grown to encompass multiple outlets of Cafes, both halal and non-halal as well as a Chinese restaurant concept. 


Our vision is to become the most prominent F&B player, with multiple concepts providing our consumers with a wide variety of food options. We aim to elevate our culinary expertise through the hiring of experienced veteran chefs, with a conscious knowledge transfer to the younger team members. 


We also aim to bring our concepts overseas to a wider audience, starting from Asean countries, such as Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam etc and eventually to countries such as China, Australia. 


With a focus on food quality, customer service and also staff development,  we will build a foundation of a strong customer base and reputation, to bring the company to greater heights. 

Coffee Hive

Causal Cafe with freshly brewed local Singapore kopi.

Kopi Hive

A Halal equivalent of Coffee Hive with equally freshly brewed local Singapore kopi and great food.

Wok Master

A casual restaurant that brings you the Tze Char experience in the comfort of an air-conditioned diner

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